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Workforce Talent Acquisition Customer Results

Kronos is driving business results and ROI for customers large and small

Look at some Kronos Hiring Solutions Group case studies and see the outstanding business results they've achieved:

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  • Improved selection and hiring across nationwide network of 450 stores
  • Reduced turnover by 5% in year one, with new hire turnover continuing to fall
  • Hard cost savings of $420,000
  • Soft cost savings of $1.2 million

See the webinar: How Borders Hires Like Their Business Depends On It


Caribou Coffee

  • Supported 80 new store openings, with more than 6,000 new hires
  • Doubled applicant flow, which is currently at 9:1

We work in a highly decentralized environment with geographically separate stores, so we really need a system that can work effectively in this environment. Sharing applications across stores and ensuring consisting hiring processes throughout stores is a necessity.  

Karen McBride, Vice President of HR, Caribou Coffee Company

Read the Caribou case study.


Farn Fresh

  • Increased average sales per employee by 6% in the first year
  • Automated applicant screening, driving $340,000 in tax credits to the bottom line in first few months
  • Increased employee retention by 35%, saving $1.1 million in the first seven months
  • Generated $110,000 in annual time savings
  • Reduced shrinkage (theft) by 21%

“...(Kronos is) not only the most comprehensive hiring solution we've seen, but they also offer a very compelling ROI - from tax credits to turnover reduction.”

Ron Dennis, President, Farm Fresh

Read the Farm Fresh case study.


Finish Line

  • Increased sales per employee hour from $112 to $135
  • Reduced turnover by 24% within 90 days
  • Increased 180-day retention by 9%
  • Increased average days of service by 5%
  • Processed 330,000 applications, eliminating 60,000 interview hours

“Workforce Talent Acquisition enhances the skills that our managers already have, unburdens them from the paperwork, and enables them to make better hiring decisions.”

Mike Marchetti, Executive Vice President, Store Operations, Finish Line

Read the Finish Line case study.



  • Increased clerk retention by 8% by finding better applicants online
  • Reduced new hires by more than 500, saving $1.7 million in hiring costs
  • Automated process saved 5,000 store manager hours, equivalent to $182,000 in redirected labor

“This is a partnership. We feel that Kronos offers great tools that will help Raley's continue our legacy of hiring and retaining outstanding colleagues.”

Jeff Szczesny, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Raley's


Rock Bottom

  • Reduced hourly turnover by 30% and manager turnover by 23% (490 less hires needed per year in just the third year of using the system)
  • 88% of applications now received online with attached assessments (versus paper-based, in-store applications without assessments)

“The rationale for our Workforce Talent Acquisition investment is straightforward - a consistent, smooth hiring process of uniquely qualified employees.”

Ned Lidvall, President and CEO, Rock Bottom

Read the Rock Bottom case study.


The bottom line in retail

On average, our retail customers achieve a 20:1 applicant-to-hire ratio, which is often an increase in applicant flow by 3x or more. Many retailers have used Kronos solutions to reduce their hiring costs by over 40%. Several retailers have decreased turnover by up to 35%. 


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