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Hiring Automation

The Faster, Smarter Way To Make Hiring Decisions

Our on-demand Workforce Talent Acquisition™ solution provides a single automated hiring platform for both hourly and salaried hiring, so you can select the best candidates quickly and consistently.

And, you'll reap the benefits of field hiring automation:

  • Lower hiring costs and reduced paperwork
  • Faster time-to-hire
  • Consistent hiring compliance
  • Easy integration with your HRIS system for rapid onboarding

Hire the most qualified applicants, every time

Allow your managers to spend less time on hiring and more time developing staff. Give them the edge in four critical areas of talent management:

Sourcing, pre-employment screening, and applicant tracking
You can increase applicant flow with the Kronos job board integration module. Post, edit, delete, and track job posting with minimal clicks from one location. Improve screening for minimum requirements, increase hiring efficiency, and ensure consistent hiring practices.

Candidate experience
Create a fun, fast, and fair experience for your candidates, due to:

  • Avatar-based mini simulations with real-life job scenarios
  • Shorter tests administered in stages so applicants stay engaged
  • Latest online techniques to preserve test security and minimize faking

Hiring workflow management
Configurable workflows help ensure that candidate information and decision criteria are captured consistently and accurately.

Employment branding, hiring consistency, and regulatory reporting
Company-branded career sites promote a positive employment brand. If you want a uniform hiring process across the organization, you'll want:

  • Support for both hourly and salaried positions on a single platform
  • Consistent processes for 100% hiring compliance
  • Integrated regulatory reporting capabilities across the enterprise

Software as a Service for a rapid ROI

Since all of our talent management solutions are hosted, delivered, and maintained by Kronos over the Internet, your IT staff can relax. Kronos hiring software deploys quickly, minimizes your capital investment costs, and has proven rapid ROI. 


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