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Employee Onboarding

Improve Time to Productivity for New Hires

Kronos Onboarding is an integrated and configurable module of Workforce Talent Acquisition™ that helps you efficiently process new hires by automating many of the time consuming tasks associated with the hiring process.

Reap the benefits of integrated onboarding:

  • Reduce the costs of processing new hires
  • Increase speed to payroll and productivity
  • Ensure compliance and avoid fines

Hiring automation is essential for employers who process thousands of hires each year. These organizations can significantly reduce the administrative costs of employee onboarding, using Kronos Onboarding to:

  • Reduce or eliminate paper-intensive processes by automating workflow, document creation, and archiving
  • Eliminate redundancies associated with reprocessing illegible new hire data
  • Prepopulate hiring forms from application data
  • Encrypt and store forms directly into your document management system

Electronic signature options for both the manager and new hire help accelerate employee onboarding and increase hiring efficiency, a must in distributed workforces.

The onboarding process is integrated with payroll, background, drug screening, and tax credit services. Data entry errors are reduced by importing data captured during the application process and integrating it with key company information such as start dates and pay rates.



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