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Reporting and Analytics for Hiring

Turn Hiring Data into Business Intelligence

Workforce Talent Acquisition™ offers reporting and analytics tools to improve your hiring decisions and the overall quality of your workforce.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities are at your fingertips, available via a convenient 24/7 reporting center that provides all the data you need to improve your frontline hiring decisions.

Gain targeted visibility to site-level sourcing challenges and improved return on sourcing investment, based on insight into actual applicant flow and new hire rates.

Analyze hiring performance per location, per division, per region, or across your entire organization. 

Examples of business results experienced by Kronos customers:

  • 35% average time saved in the hiring process — returning managers to the floor to drive sales
  • 11% increase in sales
  • 7 % average reduction in turnover
  • 50% reduction in time and cost to hire


Customer log in and support info is at your fingertips.

Workforce Talent Acquisition Support:   (800) 338-6321