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One Unified Platform for Your Entire Workforce

With the challenge to attract and retain quality talent today, human resource professionals need an integrated set of tools for managing and nurturing their organizations’ most valuable advantage from pre-hire to retire.

Powered on a unified platform, the Kronos® full-suite human capital management (HCM) solution embraces the entire workforce — salaried or hourly, full-time or part-time — with end-to-end employee lifecycle management. Its comprehensive toolset integrates HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and more for managing your workforce at every stage — while providing managers with a single employee record updated in real time for driving productivity, increasing employee engagement, and making more informed business decisions.

HCM trends

HCM Trends

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Optimize your most valuable asset through every stage of the employee lifecycle.


  • Recruit. What does it take to recruit and hire top talent in your industry? Today’s multi-generational workforce requires new, innovative strategies to find quality talent that’s right for the job.
    Read more in the Recruiting and Hiring the Talent of Tomorrow white paper.
  • Manage. Each generation has different needs and expectations at work. Learn how to manage a multi-generational workforce more efficiently through human resource management technology.
    Read more in the Managing Today’s Complex, Multigenerational Workforce white paper.
  • Engage. Happy employees will likely be productive employees and deliver better service to your customers. Engage your workforce with gamification, predictable schedules, consistent policies and procedures, and more.
    Read more in the Employee Engagement: Against All Odds white paper.
  • Develop and Retain. It’s important that you continue to develop the talent you have into the best employees possible. Discover the role of technology in guiding and enhancing your development efforts.
    Read more in the Developing and Retaining a Multigenerational Workforce white paper.
  • Offboard. Every employee eventually leaves the workforce. Learn how technology can help make the process easier.
    Read more in the Employee Offboarding: The New Landscape white paper.


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  • Recruiting and Hiring the Talent of Tomorrow

    Facing a more competitive global business landscape with available talent across multiple generations, the challenge to recruit and hire the best workforce today is critical. Changing workforce demographics are creating skills gaps and putting pressure on employers to source top talent. Learn how human capital management technology tools could be the key to stronger recruiting and hiring.

  • Managing Today’s Complex, Multigenerational Workforce

    Human capital management solutions can help organizations meet the challenges of managing multiple generations. Learn about HCM strategies such as using mobile technology to optimize communication; offering flexible working hours for work-life balance; managing employee absences for stronger compliance, cost control, and employee well-being; and using analytics for workforce insights.

  • Employee Engagement: Against All Odds

    Engaging and inspiring a multigenerational workforce is a challenge today — but human capital management technology tools can make it easier to meet the evolving needs of a diverse workforce. Learn how HCM tools can help you create a top-notch work environment that makes all employees feel valued, empowered, and engaged, which benefits the entire organization.

  • Developing and Retaining a Multigenerational Workforce

    Developing a capable and engaged workforce is a cornerstone of organizational effectiveness. However, today's multigenerational workforce presents new challenges, hurdles, and opportunities. This paper will discuss how leveraging insights from human capital management technology will be a valuable investment for HR leaders and organizations striving to develop and retain a complex and evolving multigenerational workforce.

  • Analysis: Developing Effective Frontline Managers

    Frontline managers are expected to keep their employees happy, engaged, and productive. However, they often feel they aren’t sufficiently empowered to manage effectively. This analysis explores how providing frontline managers with tools to retain high-performing hourly workers can help reduce needless turnover, lower costs, and greatly improve employees’ lives.

  • Employee Offboarding: The New Landscape

    All employees eventually leave an organization. And HCM managers are left to offboard them efficiently and with minimal impact on existing operations and costs. This white paper reveals how human capital management technology tools can help automate, streamline, and improve the offboarding process for the benefit of both employee and employer.