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Adapt HR Practices to the Digital Age

In this webinar guest speaker Paul Hamerman, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research discusses how HR is delivering better business outcomes by adapting to the digital age.


Webinar Replays

Enhancing Workforce Management to Increase Efficiencies

In a dynamic marketplace, the ability to be responsive to customer and competitive changes is critical. Organizations need to leverage existing teams, technology and processes to meet the ebb and flow of daily business in a way that’s productive and efficient. One key factor contributing to successful adoption is effective workforce management. By leveraging this strategy, you can see not only how your teams are performing, but also how well your business is operating and identify what changes need to be made to increase efficiencies. This webinar will explore ways to strengthen workforce management in your organization to drive productivity and positively impact your bottom line. 

Today’s Shifting Workforce Demographics: New Opportunities for Bottom-Line Results

John Frehse, managing partner at Core Practice, a leading provider of operational and labor strategy consulting services, discusses how employers can satisfy Millennials’ desire for flexibility and autonomy while streamlining workforce management processes for bottom-line results. You’ll gain insight into how flexible scheduling, self-service, and mobile capabilities can help engage multigenerational employees without compromising corporate governance, compliance, or service levels, why understanding true labor costs can help you effectively balance workforce productivity, engagement, and compliance, and the importance of measuring employee absenteeism, retention, and productivity for optimizing workforce strategies, budgets, and performance.

What’s Next for FLSA Compliance: Proven Strategies to Minimize Risk

It’s official. U.S. Department of Labor FLSA changes will extend overtime pay protections to more than four million American workers. The implications are enormous, affecting everything from job classifications and time tracking to compensation and compliance policies. Is your organization prepared for the challenges the new rules will bring? Attorney Patrick J. Bannon from Seyfarth Shaw LLP and Lynne Levy, Kronos compliance expert, will discuss what the overtime changes mean for employers and recommend strategies for meeting these new challenges.

Workplace Injury: Preparing for OSHA's New Reporting Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued voluntary guidance on preventing and reporting workplace injury. In these guidelines, any reports submitted by facilities are now available for public viewing. During this webinar, Steve Wilder, president of Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, will discuss these new guidelines and how to maintain your quality of care and star rating in the event of workplace injury. Wilder will also discuss ways to prevent workplace injury and how to prepare your facility and staff in the event of an incident.

Employee Burnout is a Complex Problem — But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how creating a culture of awareness around burnout, engagement, and fatigue can help you develop, manage, and retain a high-performing workforce. This webinar that will give you actionable strategies to improve employee engagement — and retain your top performers to deliver bottom-line results.

Public Sector ERP Myths Exposed!

This webinar explores recent research from Aptitude Research Partners on how workforce management technology typically touches more people, has a greater engagement impact, and yields a faster time to value than ERP systems.

How to: Accelerate Operational Performance with Tomorrow's Manufacturing Technology

Whether it's advancements in mobility, robotics, smart machinery, demand forecasting, or lean systems, one thing is for sure: Technology is disrupting and changing the way we work. Join us for this expert discussion and review of newly-released IndustryWeek survey results to understand which operational challenges are top of mind for your peers, and how you can leverage that information to prepare for manufacturing's tech-driven future.

Metrics that Matter for Managing Employees

Laurie McCabe, Partner of the SMB Group will take a unique look at key metrics that will enable your organization to boost productivity, streamline management and improve employee-related processes.

How to Drive a Successful Global HR Transformation Initiative and Manage for the Future

For years, HR organizations have been working to improve efficiencies by implementing programs focused on better systems and processes — but today’s HR landscape is more complex. Since there are now more dispersed global organizations and an evolving employee-employer relationship, there is also a need for more advanced HR technologies and initiatives that directly support an organization’s overall strategic business goals.

More than Just Compliance: The Changing Face of Wage and Labor Law

According to a recent Brandon Hall Group survey, less than one-third of responding organizations indicated they’re ready for new or updated wage and hour law regulations. It’s clear many need to better prepare for the changes to come as well as have a stronger strategy for managing compliance once changes take effect. There’s no room for error when adhering to compliance rules — especially those associated with the Fair Labor Standards Act, paid sick leave, and joint employer regulations.

Hire to Retire: Human Capital Management. Simplified.

Learn how an automated workforce management solution can deliver the high quality information you need to manage your workforce throughout the entire employee life cycle.

6 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is essential to driving sales, brand image and customer satisfaction. However, proven methods to nurture and improve employee engagement have not been effectively deployed by many retailers. Using data from retail case studies and an exclusive RIS News research study, this webinar shares six tips for driving employee engagement in your organization.

The Dollar Value of Streamlining HR Processes. Build Your Case for Change.

When it comes to growing a business, organizations are rightly focused on the customer first. But today’s savvy business leaders are quickly realizing gains in growth can also be achieved by streamlining employee and HR processes. In this webinar guest speaker Tom Pisello, CEO of Alinean will show how organizations can quantify their employee-related process challenges, and build a business case for streamlining processes.

A Deeper Look: The Value Behind Overtime Visability

Overtime in government agencies is a necessity to operating an efficient organization 24/7. However, overtime can often be seen as a negative to the public and even to elected officials demanding transparency and fiscal restraint. The issue is typically not the use of overtime when warranted, but the need to give visibility to the use, patterns, trends and fairness of overtime allocation.

Break the Mold: Adapt Your Labor Management Strategies to Solve the Growing Skills Gap

In the increasingly complex, data-driven world, finding and retaining the right talent to remain competitive is a growing challenge for leading supply chains. Adding to the complexity, executives report a gap in their ability to find talent with the skill sets needed to meet today's advanced supply chain requirements. Current trends point to the skills gap widening over the next decade as millions of baby boomers retire and industry needs become more and more advanced.

Workforce Management's Critical Role in Direct Patient Care

Healthcare’s reimbursement system is in transition. Fee-for-service is taking a back seat to value-based care, in which quality, patient satisfaction and access are the primary revenue drivers. The recurring theme is quality patient care and the activities involved to make this a reality. View this webinar during which Susan M. Reese and Gerry Connors discuss the results of this survey, and how health leaders are tackling the shift to value-based care.

Workforce Time and Attendance: Business-Changing Insight into Compliance and Engagement

As we move into 2016, managing labor laws in a manual or semi-manual environment is not only administratively consuming and costly, it’s nearly impossible to do with limited reporting capabilities. So how do you adapt to new or changing regulations and keep your employees effectively engaged throughout the process? In our webinar, hosted by HR Executive, industry experts will discuss recent research highlighting the importance of transparency and visibility in an organization, and how to keep employees engaged and productive through the use of workforce management technology.

Workforce TeleStaff 5

Workforce TeleStaff 5 has updated the tools you use now to make managing your workforce easier and faster than ever! Download the webcast for all the facts about the value of upgrading to Workforce TeleStaff 5.

A Closer Look at Unit Cost and Labor's Role in Driving Productivity

As manufacturers wrap up 2015 and move into 2016, the industry continues to face a multitude of challenges -- globalization & competitiveness, transformative technologies, innovation, an evolving regulatory environment, and the talent gap, to name a few.

Although manufacturers must put strategies in place to address the changing dynamics of the industry, the reality is they must do so while maintaining an unwavering focus on their core mission -- to deliver high-quality products and services to their customers in a manner which delivers profits to their shareholders.

While Unit Cost containment has long been a measure of progress, at the heart of achieving it is a highly productive workforce -- the catalyst of quality, efficiency, and safety in a manufacturing environment. Now more than ever, manufacturers must capitalize on the opportunity to drive greater productivity through more effective management of their labor.

Overtime Best Practices: Strategies to Minimize Risk and Control Costs

Proposed Department of Labor rule changes to overtime eligibility could make more than five million new white collar workers previously classified as “exempt” eligible for overtime pay. With these changes potentially going into effect as early as 2016, they could complicate your compliance efforts and increase labor costs. Attorney Kirsten A. Milton from Jackson Lewis and Kronos Compliance Product Strategists discussed what the overtime changes mean for employers and recommend strategies for meeting these new challenges.

Things You Need ... But Don’t Know You Need ... for Your Contact Center

In this roundtable, Kronos and CRM Xchange disucss critical solutions for your call center workforce. While you might be using contact center solutions for tasks such as forecasting, real-time schedule adherence and performance management, you may have critical gaps in your effort to optimize your workforce. Gaps such as tracking all time worked, not just time spent taking calls, tracking time worked by at-home agents or efficiently managing planned and unplanned absences as well as extended and intermittent leave for example. All of these elements are critical to your goal of having an effective agent pool to deliver required service levels.

What's New in Kronos Workforce TeleStaff 5?

Gain more value than ever from your Workforce TeleStaff solution. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the significant improvements made to Workforce TeleStaff such as: Responsive and paneled user interface; Multiple time-zone support for institutions; Added roster/schedule data fields for enhanced reporting and improved sorting flexibilities and more.

Adapting Your Labor Management Strategy to Manufacturing's Data-Driven Future

Complexity of products and the accelerating crush of data that manufacturing companies manage is forcing manufacturers to change -- and change quickly. Top of mind is how to make sense of all the data and harness it for better decision-making.

Leading companies are adapting to this new data-driven world through better management of their data and the workforce that must use and understand it.

The Benefits of Automated Staffing

Public safety and federal government agencies typically rely on manual, paper-based processes for tracking time off, managing overtime, trades, and leave. These agencies need automated scheduling technology to be more efficient, help ensure better compliance, save time, and have better insight into labor costs, while boosting employee moral.

Reinventing HR: Managing Critical HCM Trends

The evolving multi-generational workforce, compliance requirements, and new technologies are the foremost trends affecting HCM today. Human resources leaders must rethink and retool in order to successfully manage their workforce across the entire HCM lifecycle — from hiring and retention to offboarding. Hosted by SHRM and presented by Kronos and Axsium Group, this webinar brought together a panel of knowledgeable HCM experts who dove deep into the significance of these trends. Check out this replay to hear real time poll results, HR peer perspective.

Operational Advantage through Employee Engagement

The webinar, geared towards dining organizations, explores the latest research on why employee engagement matters, as well as some of the policy and technology paths to increased engagement

Unlocking the Total Value of Workforce Management Technology

This webinar discusses the findings of a new report that offers insight into how organizations manage their labor today and how they’re optimizing workforce management technologies.

Are Your Recovery Dollars at Risk? Emergency Planning for Staffing, Tracking, and Reporting

Learn how implementing Kronos solutions – automated scheduling, time and attendance, and reporting – can help you accurately staff emergency situations, expedite tracking and reporting, and reduce the risk of not receiving full FEMA reimbursement.

Rethinking Engagement: Motivating A Disengaged Team When The Odds Are Against You

Thought leaders from Gallup and Kronos explore the latest research on employee engagement and shed light on opportunities where today's technology can help advance a more empowered frontline staff.

Understanding the CA Paid Sick Leave Law

Learn more about California’s new paid sick leave law with Alberto Torrico, Labor Attorney and former CA State Assembly Majority Leader. This webinar examines implications of the new law and explores how workforce management solutions can help you facilitate compliance.

CFO Strategy Session: Labor Management Practices that Matter Now

Managing labor costs in today's business environment can be difficult, especially when multiple challenges are competing for senior-management attention. This Webcast highlights practical solutions that CFOs and senior finance executives can use to identify and realize labor costs savings right now.

Take Workforce TeleStaff to the Cloud

In this webinar, learn about Kronos Cloud Services and how cloud-hosting Workforce TeleStaff™ can help your solution run smoothly, reliably, and cost-effectively so it delivers continuous business value to your organization. Discover how upgrading to Workforce TeleStaff in the Cloud can help you free valuable IT resources to focus on core business initiatives, optimize system availability, performance, scalability, and reliability, and manage risk and promote the long-term success of your workforce management solution.

The Three Habits of Highly Productive Organizations

How do successful organizations improve employee productivity and reduce labor costs? 2015 research by Aberdeen Group reveals that successful organizations have certain habits in common. Significantly, the approach to employee productivity is a key factor in their success, and it’s an operational metric that overshadows all others.

Engaging your Workforce to Create Positive Patient Experiences and Great Clinical Outcomes

The evidence is clear: if you want highly engaged and loyal customers you must have highly engaged and loyal employees. In healthcare this means high levels of employee engagement and low levels of turnover among the high performers on the team. Craig Deao, a senior leader and national speaker with Studer Group, shares the evidence linking employee engagement with patient experience and clinical quality.

How Much is Manual Workforce Scheduling Really Costing Energy Organizations?

Many energy organizations still rely on manual employee scheduling processes. These systems were once adequate, but today's increasingly complicated union agreements and compliance requirements put these organizations at serious risk for noncompliance -- a risk that could grow more costly every day. What's needed is a more efficient and accurate way to maintain compliance. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can better manage compliance and safety risks, control labor costs, automate your crew-callout process during outages, and drive employee engagement with a workforce scheduling solution.

Managing Your ACA Strategy: Maintaining Compliance Through Automation and Integration

Join us for this exclusive webinar and hear guest speaker Michael Moon, research director of the Aberdeen Group's Human Capital Management practice, as she explores Aberdeen's latest research looking at how organizations have responded to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Drives Efficiency and Cost Savings with Workforce Ready

In this webinar you will hear from Kronos Workforce Ready customer, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLC who will share how they have driven efficiencies and cost savings with Workforce Ready - an up to date integrated workforce management system in the cloud.

How Much Is Manual Workforce Scheduling Really Costing You?

Many organizations still rely on manual employee scheduling processes. These systems were once adequate, but today's increasingly complicated union agreements and compliance requirements put these organizations at serious risk for noncompliance -- a risk that could grow more costly every day. What's needed is a more efficient and accurate way to maintain compliance. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can better manage compliance and safety risks, control labor costs, and drive employee engagement with an automated workforce scheduling solution.

Staffing’s Impact on 5-Star Rating

The Five Star Rating System continues to evolve as more revisions to determine quality ratings for skilled nursing facilities are developed. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced that sample focused surveys are going to be used nationwide to assess reported staffing, as well as quality measure information, which are set to begin in 2015.

Demand Driven Scheduling On-Demand Demo

Scheduling manufacturing employees with the right skills and certifications, in the right place — and all at the right time — is too important to leave to chance. But with an automated scheduling solution, you can align labor to fluctuating demand and make a direct impact on labor costs, productivity, and profitability.

Logistics Insider: People, Process and Technology

Three experts. 15 questions. One powerful video series.
No one knows for sure what new challenges this year will bring, but one fact is clear: You need strategies that integrate and optimize people, process and technology to drive new levels of performance in the year ahead.

In our three-part webisode series, our panel of industry insiders tackles 15 tough questions about how to prepare and execute a successful strategy for each of these three key areas — and sheds light on getting all three working together to meet operational and organizational goals in 2015.

The Top 5 Labor Management Strategies for 2015

During this webinar, John Frehse, Managing Partner, Core Practice Group, will take you through the five issues that are most relevant and impactful to your business and will share with you what other World Class Organizations are doing to tackle these challenges head on.

Uncover the Myths and Truths about Payroll Service Bureaus

View this informative webinar and find out why managing your payroll in house is more cost-effective than outsourcing — and how it gives you complete control over your processes and data.

Calculating Overtime Correctly Under Fair Labor Standards Act

Tracking employee wages and overtime isn’t always clear cut. With compliance on the line, and FLSA enforcement getting tighter than ever, an error can be quite costly, even if it’s unintentional. Hear guest speaker Susan Desmond, Shareholder of Jackson Lewis P.C. as she goes through all the nuances of the FLSA and the most frequent mistakes employers are making over and over again.

How Manufacturers Can Leverage Salaried Workforce Management to Drive Organizational Effectiveness

Leading organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of including salaried workforce management, in addition to the hourly workforce, as a critical part of an overall talent management strategy.

During this moderated, in-depth panel discussion you’ll learn how a salaried workforce management strategy, aided by technology, can help drive organizational effectiveness.

Lean: Transforming Healthcare Delivery by Uncovering Opportunities within Your Greatest Asset

With the move from volume to value-based healthcare delivery it is now more important than ever for Healthcare organizations to understand how lean strategies can help them achieve their desired outcomes for patient and staff satisfaction, quality, and financial health.

Affordable Care Act: Are state employers ready to comply?

The Affordable Care Act is coming whether we like it not. Public and private organizations alike are looking at current processes to make sure they can accurately track the hours of their part-time and full-time employees. And there is an additional sense of urgency when it comes to keeping part-time and full-time employees to the 30-hour threshold. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at putting the proper tools in place for reporting compliance, what the “look-back period” really means, and what your ACA checklist should include.

Transforming HR: Balancing People and Process for Business Results

What if your HR staff could simplify the administrative tasks that bog them down, and spend more time on the people-focused work that they love? In this webinar, you’ll learn how Fieldwood Energy has automated its workforce management processes to help its HR staff balance people and process — and how your organization can do the same.

All About Workforce TeleStaff Bidding webinar

Is it time to automate your time-consuming shift, position, and vacation bidding process? Or do you already have the Auctions module as part of your Kronos TeleStaff™ 2.x solution?

In this webinar, you'll get a look at the new Kronos Workforce TeleStaff Bidding™ module (previously called Auctions). Plus, you'll hear about the benefits of automated bidding and how your organization can get started on Workforce TeleStaff Bidding.

Beyond Time and Attendance: The Transformative Power of Workforce Management

It's not news that automating cumbersome time and attendance processes can help improve organizational efficiency and data accuracy. Or that software solutions to track time and attendance can help your organization improve reporting capabilities and keep up with compliance mandates.

Predictive Scheduling: Smarter Staffing for Today’s Nursing Needs

If you're building schedules off static census data, this webinar is for you. Spend 45 minutes with Judy Hanover, IDC Health Insights Research Director, Provider IT Strategies, and Corrie Halas, RN, of Kronos to learn how predictive scheduling can transform your workplace — think smarter, more informed decision-making. Better control over labor costs. Increased staff and patient satisfaction.

What’s New with Scheduling & Staffing Technology

This webinar will discuss:

  • Workload planning: Determine how many caregivers are needed by job role and proficiency level to meet fluctuating demand
  • Employee self-service: Empower nurses to select shifts, define availability and more
  • Patient classification: Assign the right nurse to the right patient
  • Whole-house staffing: Enable managers to quickly analyze coverage and make on-the-fly adjustments with ease

How to Successfully Flex Your Workforce to Meet Customer Demand

When it's too costly to keep excess inventory on hand, and long lead times are unacceptable, how can you supply what your customers need, exactly when they need it?

In this webinar you'll discover how a flexible workforce is the key to managing customer demand. You'll learn how the right tools can help you demystify changing demand and continuously adjust staffing levels to meet both customer and budgetary requirements.

A Roadmap to Building Tomorrow's Workforce Today

Join Adria Clawson and Susan Reese for this webinar to learn forward-thinking strategies that can turn your workforce into your competitive advantage. In this short webinar, you’ll learn how hospitals, health systems and other patient service providers are using integrated workforce management solutions to stay on the cutting edge of our rapidly evolving industry – and how easy-to-own, easy-to-use workforce management solutions are helping organizations like yours optimize productivity, keep employees engaged, and deliver excellent patient care.

Avoiding Risk: Addressing Compliance through Automation

Join this webinar to hear about the benefits of an automated system and from government and education organizations that use automation to maintain compliance within their organizations.

Top 5 Technology Game Changers for Workforce Management

According to a recent study by the SMB Group, progressive small and midsize organizations are 86% more likely to forecast revenue gains.*

In this webinar, Laurie McCabe, Partner, SMB Group, discusses survey results and why so many small and midsize organizations are turning to new technologies to streamline their workforce management processes to improve cash flow and increase profits.

Hit Your Triple Aim Targets with Workforce Management

In this webinar we’ll share how Ingalls Health System, a leading Healthcare organization has embedded its workforce management solution into the organization’s culture to support its Triple Aim goals.

Delivering Continuous Improvement with Labor Performance Measurement

Join Lynne Schreibel and Chris Wright, from Joy Global Inc., a leading supplier of advanced equipment, systems, and direct services for the global mining industry for a discussion on how Joy Global Inc. is gaining operational value from their Kronos workforce management solution, allowing the organization make better informed decisions and improve labor performance.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how Joy Global is using their workforce management system data to increase labor productivity.
  • Understand how globally consistent labor reporting can reveal production time and costs by business units, location, cost center, and work center.
  • Discover how Joy Global's continuous improvement efforts are enhanced through visibility into actual labor hours versus standard.

Heavy Lifting: How Hidden Absence Costs Add Up – and Weigh You Down

The cost of absence adds up fast. It's not only vacation and sick time you're paying for. It's lost productivity, expensive overtime hours and costly compliance errors.

California Compliance: Prevention Strategies for Minimizing Wage-and-Hour Exposure

Learn how to take a proactive approach to minimize compliance risk associated with common wage-and-hour challenges, such as:

  • Mandatory meal and rest period rules
  • Overtime allowances and restrictions
  • Employees working “off-the-clock”
  • Payroll errors that prevent the “perfect paycheck”

Gaining Critical Visibility Through Workforce Management: Managing the Distributed Workforce

There’s a direct correlation between visibility into field-based workforce performance and total cost to serve. But without the right automated workforce management tools in place, that visibility becomes increasingly foggy – impacting your bottom line.

Join us for the webinar, Gaining Critical Visibility Through Workforce Management: Managing the Distributed Workforce.

Public Safety: Ensuring Qualified Coverage, Accountability, and Fairness

Staffing public safety personnel using outdated manual methods isn’t just inefficient. It can also result staffing errors, inflated labor costs, an increase in grievances, and low morale. Watch this webinar replay and you’ll learn how automated workforce management solutions such as Kronos Workforce TeleStaff™ can help ensure that qualified, certified, and available personnel are scheduled consistently – and in a way that is fair and equitable.

Tips for Transitioning Your Workforce to a Service Culture

Customer (and employee) engagement is vital to the long-term survival of retail banking worldwide.

That's why financial institutions are moving their branch networks from a transaction focus to a sales and service model. Using workforce management technology to deploy the right people in the right place at the right time is essential to improving the customer experience while benefitting both the institution and its employees.

Retail Therapy – Leveraging Workforce Management in the Cloud to Control Labor Costs

In this webinar, Norma Prisock, HR Director at Texas Book Company shares how their organization replaced manual and disparate systems with a single cloud-based workforce management solution. Gain insights and best practices on how to establish a single source for all employee information, automate error-prone manual HR and payroll transactions, and leverage self-service capabilities to increase employee engagement.

How Analytics Provides Real-Time Visibility into Time-Related Fraud and Abuse

Labor costs remain a major concern for public sector organizations, yet most government and education institutions don't have adequate insight into real-time labor data. This lack of visibility can result in overtime and leave abuse and pension padding.  But what if a city, state agency, or school district could solve this problem and repurpose millions of dollars of waste and inefficiency into better serving the public and garnering their trust?

Workforce Ready: What’s New and What’s Next

This on-demand webinar and product demonstration reviews the key features of the latest product release.

Improving Operational Performance with Demand-Driven Labor Scheduling

Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc., is an organization specializing in the highly competitive business of developing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling frozen foods. To achieve operational excellence, they understand the importance of using an automated scheduling tool that allows them to place the right person, in the right place — with all the right skills and certifications — at precisely the right time.

What's The Risk? Understanding Labor Law Compliance

Government and education organizations still managing labor with outdated manual time and attendance systems are taking a big risk. They're not just wasting valuable time and resources. They're also exposing their organizations to the potential consequences of noncompliance with labor laws and policies.

The State of Federal Public Safety Workforce Management

Watch this webinar replay to learn about recent survey results benchmarking the overall practices, trends, critical concerns, and market needs of federal public safety. You'll also see a demonstration of the Kronos federal public safety solution and how it helps to ensure adequate coverage, maintain compliance, control costs, and improve emergency readiness.

Minimizing Compliance Risk in Public Safety

Maintaining a compliant staffing and workforce management environment can be a challenge for public safety due to several factors including union and department rules, labor laws and regulations, and work demands. In this webinar replay, you’ll hear from two Kronos public safety customers who share real-life examples of how automating their workforce management processes helped them ensure that their agencies maintain a compliant environment.

Big Data for Big Decisions: Converting Challenge into Operational Opportunity

How do you convert your Big Data challenge into opportunity? Research shows that organizations making a concerted effort to understand and manage their data challenges are better positioned to transform that data into insight to enhance critical decisions.

The Affordable Care Act: Compliance is Just the Beginning

Hear guest speaker Mollie Lombardi, VP and principal analyst of the Aberdeen Group as she presents the results of Aberdeen's latest research looking at how organizations are gearing up to support the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Workforce TeleStaff for Corrections

In this webinar, Kronos consultant and corrections safety staffing expert William Moore will show you how an automated staffing, communications and workforce management solution can streamline operations, reduce the time it takes to staff correctional officers to work, and minimize compliance risk.

Workforce TeleStaff for Fire Departments

In this webinar, Kronos consultant and public safety staffing expert William Moore will show you how an automated staffing, communications and workforce management solution can streamline operations, reduce the time it takes to staff employees to work, and minimize compliance risk — improving morale and freeing up managers to focus on higher priority work.

Workforce TeleStaff for Police Agencies

In this webinar, Kronos consultant and public safety staffing expert William Moore will show you how an automated staffing, communications and workforce management solution can streamline operations, reduce the time it takes to staff officers to work, and minimize compliance risk. The results are cost control, improved employee morale, and more time for managers to focus on higher priority work such as officer training and mentoring.

Manage Your Labor Cost to Serve: The Lean Path from Product to Profit

If your labor costs are eating away at your profits, you won't want to miss this webinar. Managing Labor Cost to Serve: The Lean Path from Product to Profit will show how your organization can gain insight into labor costs and make more-informed decisions to control your cost to serve and strengthen your bottom line.

Safety First: Identifying Fatigue in the Healthcare Workplace

What does fatigue mean to the average staff nurse? How does a fatigued staff impact overall patient care? What does today’s available research demonstrate? The evidence is overwhelming. Nurses who work longer than 12 consecutive hours, or work when they have not obtained sufficient sleep, are putting their patients’ health at risk; risk damaging their own health; and if they drive home when they are drowsy, are also putting the health of the general public at risk. Nurses, nurse managers, nursing administrators, and policymakers need to work together to change the culture that not only allows – but often encourages – nurses to work long hours without obtaining sufficient sleep. It’s time we all put safety first.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What fatigue really is and how to identify it
  • Alarming data on the effects of staff nurse fatigue on patient safety
  • Industry results of a fatigue and scheduling survey conducted by HealthLeaders
  • Innovative strategies top healthcare organizations are deploying to reduce staff fatigue

How to Compete by Setting Operational Excellence into Action

Kronos Workforce Ready® enables organizations to drive operational excellence and gain a competitive advantage with consistent, real-time data that guides critical business decisions. Workforce Ready goes beyond traditional human capital management solutions by not just ensuring people are paid properly, but by driving operational productivity, controlling labor costs, and mitigating compliance risk.

Watch this webinar to find out how Workforce Ready can drive operational excellence in your organization.

The Top 5 Labor Management Strategies For 2014

Listen to John Frehse of Core Practice LLC discuss overtime optimization, government-mandated policies like the Affordable Care Act in U.S., HR policy alignment, and employee morale improvement through benchmarking.

Assessing the Value of Automation in the New Value-Based Delivery Model

Automation of workforce management is starting to move from the back office to the bedside, according to a recent HealthLeaders Media survey. In the next three to five years, hospitals, health systems, and other patient service providers expect to augment their time-and-attendance systems with integrated applications that enable more sophisticated data crunching around labor analytics, acuity management, and staffing assignments.

Workforce Management Optimization Strategies: Turning Your Challenges into a Strategic Asset

In a recent Gatepoint Research study, organizations chimed in with thoughts about their workforce management challenges, providing valuable insight into what ranks highest on their list of concerns and priorities. The results may surprise you.

The times they are a-changin'! Simplifying compliance and lowering costs with modern technologies for time and attendance

Many organizations are still using the same manual or outdated systems they have used for years and are not reaping the financial benefits modern technologies provide. Technology has evolved – and so have departmental needs. New systems are more efficient and easier to use.

The Costly Truth

Find out where these costs are cutting into your bottom line. This webinar with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) features Aberdeen Analyst Mollie Lombardi, Kronos® Solution Consultant Toni Kellam, and Kronos Product Marketing Manager Jim Manfield. You’ll learn how an automated, integrated system can help manage employee absence and its associated costs by providing the decision-support tools and business metrics you need to better understand absence trends — and take the appropriate action.

Affordable Care Act – Insider’s view on how it will impact you

Featuring Dr. Aaron Carroll, a nationally recognized expert on healthcare reform, this webinar will cut through the rhetoric and describe the tools and processes required to comply with the extended deadline.

Workforce Central 7: Workforce Management Made Easier

Get a closer look at Kronos® Workforce Central® 7 and all it has to offer.

Not only will you get a detailed view of everything Workforce Central 7 delivers, you'll also see how it truly makes workforce management easier than ever — so you can focus on achieving better business results.

Four Labor Strategies for Solving Today’s Fiscal Pressures

What fiscal pressures are you feeling from the current economic climate? Probably too many to name. But let us take a shot. Join Jim Cook, Industry Principal, Kronos for Financial Services, by registering for this June 20 webinar. He’ll discuss many of the challenges you currently face that are contributing to your increased expenses, and the best strategies for increasing revenue, cutting costs, maintaining compliance, and attracting and retaining customers.

Workforce Management: Embracing Today's Technology Trends

Business requirements are more challenging, with more tech-savvy users, bigger demands, and big data. IT teams must embrace these trends, while ensuring proper governance, security, compliance, and value.

Affordable Care Act: Key Insights from Industry Leaders

Join us for an interactive, moderated roundtable discussion among foodservice and insurance experts about ways to address these requirements. Learn how your company can use workforce-management technologies and human-resource strategies to help it comply with PPACA and leverage that compliance into a competitive advantage. With so much uncertainty around the true costs of the Affordable Care Act, this webinar is a must attend event!

Big Data Solves Big Problems in Healthcare

With patient and nursing satisfaction one of your biggestconcerns, how can you use the sometimes overwhelming data you already have tosolve your concerns more easily? In this webinar, you will discover the bestways to uncover and understand your healthcare organization’s big data — andleverage it for a more productive nursing workforce. 

Navigating the Affordable Care Act: Avoiding Penalties & Minimizing Costs

View this complimentary webinar featuring expert advice from Monique Warren, partner at Jackson Lewis LLP, to learn how you can avoid being blind-sided by unanticipated costs in 2014.

Unlock the Big Value of Big Data

An estimated 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in just the past two years. And it’s created the biggest buzzword of 2013: Big Data. Manufacturers are discovering there is a wealth of information – and value – buried inside their financial, operational, and workforce data. But what they are missing is the key to unlock it.

How to Avoid Wage and Hour Noncompliance

Did you know that an estimated 70% of employers are out of compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act? How does your organization fair? Not sure, then please listen to our webcast, "How to Avoid Wage and Hour Noncompliance," hosted by Paul DeCamp, Partner and National Chair, Wage and Hour Practice with Jackson Lewis LPP.

Cloud Hosting and IT Infrastructure Support

Healthcare reform and Meaningful Use process under the HITECH Act are compelling patient care organizations to push forward quickly in implementing crucial facilitative information systems. Yet the question for many Healthcare Executives still remains, how will our organization manage the support and hosting of all the information systems that will be required going forward?  By moving your workforce management solutions to the Cloud, organizations can free up IT resources to meet these demands.

Ensuring Positive Resident Outcomes while Avoiding Hospital Readmissions

Today, 1 in 4 persons admitted to skilled nursing care centers from hospitals are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. Not only does it cost government programs like Medicare billions of dollars, it can negatively impact resident satisfaction, your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. View this on-demand webinar to hear two nurse experts discuss what role workforce management has on reducing hospital readmissions, best practices in aligning properly skilled caregivers to residents’ care needs, and how facilities can assist in bridging the gaps within the continuum of care.

Technology's Role in Supporting the Complex Staffing Process

Technology can help nurse executives and their teams meet challenging scheduling requirements using actual patient demand – not static budgets. Learn how a scheduling solution combined with a patient classification system can help you rapidly adjust numbers and types of staff required to provide the kind of high quality – and safe – care your patients deserve and you demand

Absence Matters: How American Woodmark Reduced the Impact of Absence on Their Organization

Terri Wermter, HR Systems Administrator at American Woodmark, discusses how their organization is using the Kronos Workforce Absence MangerTM solution to manage absence-related policies for both hourly and salaried employees to reduce the impact of absence on their organization.

Keep Labor Expenses Predictable and Within Budget

View this webinar and you will learn how today’s advanced technology has greatly eased the collection and crunching of labor related data, enabling organizations instant visibility into what’s going on with their workforce in a more analytical, metric driven way.  You will discover how Kronos Workforce Analytics delivers real-time visibility into workforce data and helps you stay on budget, increase productivity, and make better decisions about workforce needs.  

Transforming HR into a Strategic Partner

What can you do to show the connection between HR and bottom line results that make an impact? Listen to this webinar and learn about five key areas of HR transformation,

Employee Absence: How much is too much?

The true cost of employee absenteeism is staggering. Most department heads and managers are unaware of the true cost of absenteeism in their organizations. Get an inside look at employee absence costs and learn actionable information on how to reduce the costs and impact of absence and improve workforce productivity.

Leveraging Your Branch Employees to Deliver the Maximum Customer Experience

It's no secret that in order to deliver a quality customer experience, you need to increase efficiency in your branch operations. You want to free up the right resources, so you can put the right person in place to deliver quality service. Join Jerry Silva, Bill Hippensteel, and Kronos to learn how to align your customer experience strategy to the bottom line.