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Labor costs likely account for a significant percentage of your company’s budget. And workforce management challenges such as payroll errors, accidental overpayments, and “buddy punching” by hourly personnel all drive up your labor costs. Factor in loss of productivity due to unnecessary manual processes, human error, and scheduling conflicts and it becomes increasingly difficult to control your labor costs ― costs that eat away at your bottom line.

Kronos® workforce management solutions help reduce these costly errors, increase productivity, and control labor costs ― so you can focus on doing business without needlessly expanding your budget.

  • Money Talks: How Wage and Hour Challenges Can Cost You

    Wage and hour compliance has become an increasing risk for financial service institutions. This white paper, developed in partnership with Jackson Lewis LLP, explores the causes for wage and hour litigation, what the potential damages are, who’s at risk, and six steps that financial institutions can take to maintain compliance.

    Download this white paper to learn how to reduce exposure, reduce risk of violations, and realize cost savings.

  • Out Sick: How Employee Absence Hurts Your Bottom Line

    Out Sick: How Employee Absence Hurts Your Bottom LineReduce Costs and Increase Productivity with an Automated Absence Management Solution WHITE PAPERImagine a world where all your employees show up for work every day. There would be no last-minute sick calls, no personal days, not even vacation. You’d be able to foreca

  • The Costly Truth: What You're Really Paying for Employee Absence

    Find out where these costs are cutting into your bottom line. This webinar with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) features Aberdeen Analyst Mollie Lombardi, Kronos® Solution Consultant Toni Kellam, and Kronos Product Marketing Manager Jim Manfield. You’ll learn how an automated, integrated system can help manage employee absence and its associated costs by providing the decision-support tools and business metrics you need to better understand absence trends — and take the appropriate action.