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Affordable Care Act 2015
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What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

The Affordable Care Act, PPACA, Health Care Reform, Obamacare, Insurance Compliance, Employer Shared Responsibility – whatever your organization is calling it – you need to start planning for it right now. The Affordable Care Act will not only impact the U.S. healthcare system, but the way you manage your workforce as well.

How can Kronos help?How can Kronos help?

  • ACA Plug-In for Workforce Analytics

    Kronos offers the ACA Plug-In, powered by Kronos Workforce Analytics™, to help you manage your ACA strategy. The ACA Plug-In gives you on-demand access to the full time/part time status of every employee in your organization.

  • Affordable Care Act Preparedness: The Time is Now

    With automated, streamlined workforce management systems in place, your organization can more easily manage compliance with the Affordable Care Act and move ahead and achieve your business goals. Read this short article to find out more.

  • Health Care Reform Update: IRS Proposes Regulations on Employer Penalty

    The Internal Revenue Service has released proposed regulations on the health care reform Employer Shared Responsibility penalty provision. Read this article by Jackson Lewis LLP, to find out if your organization may be affected.

  • FT-PT Analysis Report

    The Kronos Full-Time/Part-Time Analysis Report streamlines the process of determining your employees’ status and, therefore, their eligibility for healthcare coverage under the ACA. This report provides accurate, detailed labor information that will help you figure out the right mix of full-time and part-time employees to support your ACA compliance strategy — without compromising service levels, workforce satisfaction, or bottom-line results.