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Introducing Workforce Central v6.2

Put Workforce Central v6.2 to Work

Get your people up to speed fast with new easy-to-use capabilities that completely automate workforce management. Deliver high-quality information to the managers and employees who need it most. Plus, support for new technologies, deeper cross-suite integration, and security enhancements make Workforce Central v6.2 even easier to own.

Workforce Central v6.2 is proof that workforce management doesn’t have to be so hard. With particular investment in three strategic areas, Workforce Central v6.2 is:

Even Easier Global Unified and Secure
Usability enhancements guide managers and employees to recommended actions International enhancements bring multinational customers closer to a single global workforce management system A single log-on delivers a unified,consistent user experience, while new encryption and security alerts keep data secure

With valuable new capabilities and easier access to richer, high-quality information, Workforce Central v6.2 is ready to engage all levels of your organization — from employees to managers. Reduce labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and reduce regulatory risk. Put Workforce Central v6.2 to work today!

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