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Kronos for Post Acute & Senior Living

Today’s post acute and senior living providers face sweeping demographic, legislative, and economic changes that are transforming their delivery of care. Reduced reimbursement, the Affordable Care Act, and an aging population are just a few areas of concern. Your success navigating these changes will depend on the quality of care your residents receive and how efficient you are in delivering it.

At Kronos®, we’re uniquely positioned to help you address the challenges that are inherent to managing your workforce today and tomorrow.

Kronos for Post Acute & Senior Living workforce management solution provides you with the tools necessary to:

  • Reduce labor costs by capturing actual time worked and accurately applying work and pay rules
  • Afford the Affordable Care Act by providing accurate information about average hours worked by full-time and part-time employees, and allowing managers to monitor schedules, time records and benefits enrollment in real time
  • Minimize compliance risk to meet mandated staffing ratios and other state and federal regulations by consistently applying the necessary rules, regulations and policies to all staffing decisions
  • Improve workforce productivity by aligning staffing assignments to resident demand without overspending your labor budget
  • Deliver quality resident care by attracting, selecting, and retaining only the best caregivers
  • CMS Staffing Data Submission / Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

    Kronos® for Healthcare can help providers meet PBJ electronic staffing data reporting requirements with its automated, integrated workforce management solution. Using the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper PBJ link, providers can reduce the administrative burden of data collection and reporting, and focus on the core mission to deliver quality resident care.

  • Workforce Management in Healthcare: Taking Care of Talent and Patients

    Aberdeen Knowledge Brief identifies that best-in-class healthcare organizations achieve financial success through a combination of patient-centricity, effect workforce management and the judicious deployment of technology. In fact, best-in-class organizations have discovered that these results go hand in hand. By combining a patient-centric mindset, an understanding of the impact that staff have on patient satisfaction, and a comprehensive approach to workforce management, these organization have seen a steady increased in patient satisfaction scores, along with a stead decrease in workforce management related costs.

  • Post Acute Care & Senior Living Industry Brief

    More than ever, post acute and senior living care is under a microscope in which success is measured by the quality and cost of care, as well as resident satisfaction. And without an automated workforce management solution, limited visibility into labor productivity and costs makes it difficult to give staff the information and resources they need. And difficult to deliver the cost effective quality care residents count on.

  • Staffing Post-Acute Care and Senior Living Facilities to Meet the Demands of Increasing Acuity

    Post-acute care and senior living providers are facing increased staffing challenges due to higher acuity residents and patients. From a demographic perspective, the over-65 population is expected to double by 2030, and this will place more demands on post-acute care and senior living providers and their staff. This growing over-65 population has a high burden of chronic disease, resulting in increasing acuity levels among residents. Labor is the top source of operating costs for post-acute providers, and managing these costs while striving to staff facilities with the best mix of people and skills to deliver high-quality care appropriate to the workload intensity levels of the resident will become a bigger challenge. These issues make effective workforce management solutions that allow providers to staff specific to workload intensity levels a critical issue.

  • Advanced Home Care Sees $900,000 in Labor and Timing Savings with Kronos for Healthcare

    Advanced Home Care's previous workforce management system and processes were not working, nor was it allowing optimized use of the McKesson Homecare™ solution. Following a patient home visit, employees logged onto a laptop to enter their hours and select a billing code in McKesson. Some clinicians waited until the night before payroll closed to enter 2 weeks of their time and activities. Faulty memories and code misinterpretation led to a 30% error rate. Automating payroll and adding performance management capabilities within its existing system would have been too costly. Using the Kronos solution integrated with McKesson, Advanced Home Care has virtually eliminated paycheck corrections — reducing its compliance risk and increasing productivity — and saves more than $900,000 annually in labor and time.

  • Midwest Health Increases Productivity After Move from Service Bureau to Kronos Workforce Management Solution

    Midwest Health has been expanding its senior healthcare community for more than 30 years and needed a better payroll processing solution. The service bureau had numerous drawbacks. Kronos delivers in-house solution for more control and better reporting.

  • HomeCare Link

    Designed with home health and hospice in mind, HomeCare Link facilitates data sharing between Kronos applications and other systems, including point of care solutions. HomeCare Link is a data configuration and conversion tool that allows you to quickly and reliably import billed hours into Workforce Central for comparison with employee time records.