Transforming the workforce

into your competitive advantage.

Kronos for Healthcare

The key to success as healthcare moves from a volume-driven to value-based delivery model lies within your workforce. In today’s healthcare environment – and across the entire continuum of care – value-based care delivery that is focused on costs, quality and outcomes is becoming the new norm. And your workforce influences all aspects of this model. Always your greatest asset, your workforce can now become your competitive advantage in delivering that care

Kronos® for Healthcare offers the technology and support to guide you through the transformation of your workforce into that competitive advantage. How? Through automation, the complexities of workforce management will be eliminated. Your visibility to opportunities that maximize their potential increases. And your ability to be flexible and react quickly and accurately to changing conditions when deploying the workforce will give you the competitive advantage.

That’s why more than 10,000 healthcare providers across the continuum of care use Kronos. Find out how we can help you, too.

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  • Top Ten Reasons Healthcare Organizations Make the Move: The Kronos Cloud

    According to a HIMSS Analytics study published in mid-2014, healthcare providers' cloud usage is accelerating. Of the 150 survey respondents, 83% were using the cloud in some way. This datasheet covers the top 10 reasons why you should consider moving to the Kronos Cloud.

  • Aberdeen Healthcare ACA Readiness Infographic

    Aberdeen Group reveals research results on how Healthcare organizations are scrambling to ready themselves for the impact ACA is going to have on their workforce management strategies.

  • Health Care Reform: The Key to Success is in the Workforce

    In today’s healthcare environment – and across the entire continuum of care -- value-based delivery models focused on costs, quality and positive outcomes are becoming the new norm. The key to success in navigating from a volume-driven to value-based model based lies within your workforce. They are your greatest asset. Yet significant hurdles make it difficult for them to deliver quality care at a reasonable cost. Kronos is uniquely positioned to help. How? We’ll help you eliminate complexities through automation, maximize your workforce’s potential, and give you the flexibility you need to react quickly and accurately to changing conditions when deploying your workforce. Essentially Kronos will help you transform your workforce into a competitive advantage.

  • Workforce Forecast Manager for Healthcare

    Kronos Workforce Forecast Manager for Healthcare helps providers get more value from their historical data and uses it to drive more effective scheduling practices. Workforce Forecast Manager automatically calculates predicted volumes which are used in Workforce Scheduler to generate best-fit schedules that align staffing to demand.

  • Advanced Home Care Sees $900,000 in Labor and Timing Savings with Kronos for Healthcare

    Advanced Home Care's previous workforce management system and processes were not working, nor was it allowing optimized use of the McKesson Homecare™ solution. Following a patient home visit, employees logged onto a laptop to enter their hours and select a billing code in McKesson. Some clinicians waited until the night before payroll closed to enter 2 weeks of their time and activities. Faulty memories and code misinterpretation led to a 30% error rate. Automating payroll and adding performance management capabilities within its existing system would have been too costly. Using the Kronos solution integrated with McKesson, Advanced Home Care has virtually eliminated paycheck corrections — reducing its compliance risk and increasing productivity — and saves more than $900,000 annually in labor and time.

  • Workforce Management Automation - North Shore-LIJ Health System

    North Shore-LIJ Health System, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit secular health systems, implements Kronos’ comprehensive workforce management solution and improves the way it manages employees and day-to-day labor practices while achieving dramatic reductions in overall costs. The solution has already led to identified cost savings of more than $8 million.

  • Nursing’s Time to Lead_ Enabling True Leadership in a Time of Crisis_ Pillar 4  – Lessons from History

    In the final pillar of our four-part series titled, Nursing Time to Lead, we conclude by taking a look at our past to better prepare for our future. Big data, statistics, and numbers are everywhere within your four walls. But how can you harness them to predict how the patient will flow through the hospital? Well, the philosophies of Lean/Six Sigma can help in your healthcare operations. By learning from the lessons of the past, and then reducing variability to react to the future, we can enable nursing to rapidly react to ever-changing conditions.

  • University of Utah Health Care Improves Control of Labor Costs with Kronos for Healthcare

    University of Utah Health Care leverages WFS and WF Analytics to reduce agency costs from $1.2M annually to $200,000, and save 9% in overtime while increasing staff by 25% in one hospital. Moving to a centralized staffing model will allow the most skilled nurses to focus on patient care instead of scheduling and is slated to save up to $500,000 in scheduling inefficiencies.

  • Kronos Workforce Management Maturity Curve for Healthcare

    Kronos Workforce Management Maturity Curve is a new and innovative approach to developing your workforce into a competitive advantage. It is a roadmap to success in achieving value-based healthcare. And when complexities are eliminated through automation, your workforce’s potential is maximized, and the flexibility to react quickly and accurately is achieved … enabling your workforce to become a vital asset.