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Workforce Payroll





Payroll Software With A Big Payback

Your payroll. It's simple, really. Get it right and get the checks out on time.

Automated payroll software like Workforce Payroll™ lets you integrate your employee payroll processing with HR and timekeeping, allowing you to:

  • Control labor costs by bringing payroll in-house
  • Minimize compliance risks by consistently applying policies — whether the policies are internal, federal, state, or industry-specific
  • Improve workforce productivity and increase efficiency with an automated system that gives you data control, pre-audits, and employee self-service

So why go with Kronos payroll software? Because with more than three decades of experience, our completely automated solution is easy to own. Read about ...

  • Powerful features that provide more accurate labor data and save time and effort
  • A swift, seamless integration with your existing systems to make sure your operation won't miss a beat
  • Comprehensive services that sync up with your IT resources, budget, and payment preferences, plus consulting offerings to help leverage your investment

Enhance the value of Workforce Payroll with Workforce HR™.  

Workforce Payroll can use the time and attendance data captured through Workforce Timekeeper™. Learn how you can leverage this data in other ways to help your business with related products like our hiring solutions, Workforce Analytics™, Workforce Absence Manager™  and Workforce Tax Filing™.

  • Maximizing Time and Creating Value in Payroll

    When it comes to time, there never seems to be enough. Just ask any payroll professional. Time constraints are nothing new, but what is new is how payroll professionals are tackling the challenge. They are discovering how to strategically leverage today’s best-of-breed human capital management (HCM) technology to better manage the expectations and demands placed on today’s payroll teams to achieve greater business results. By investing in an HCM solution as an integral part of their workforce management strategy, businesses can align and create efficiencies within three core areas of payroll — compliance, processes, and data visibility. This will free up time for an already over-burdened payroll team that can add value, deliver on actionable real-time data, and execute on company-driven projects that can impact organizational goals and improve bottom-line results.

  • Four Keys to Realizing a Total Return on Your Workforce Technology Investment

    Making technology decisions in today’s rapidly changing and complex world is a challenge. The simple math of automation – is no longer sufficient to capture the true return on workforce management technology investments. As technology becomes more powerful and integrated, organizations are rethinking how they define the value created by these solutions, focusing on accuracy, visibility and accountability, not just cost savings.Technology is enabling organizations to go on a journey that starts with automation, and leads to integration, powerful analytics, and deep insight. By improving the accuracy of workforce management data, technology allows greater visibility into key information that lets managers make better, data-driven decisions. And this visibility lets organizations hold managers accountable for the performance results of these decisions.

  • Forrester Study, Kronos Workforce Central Suite Total Economic Impact: A First Look

    Commissioned Forrester study estimates risk-adjusted, three-year savings at $3.9 million. *   In this summary of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kronos, you’ll discover how customers that deployed the Kronos Workforce Central® suite were able to increase productivity, control payroll and labor costs, and the positive impact it had on their return on investment.  You’ll learn about the financial impact of replacing an organization’s existing and decentralized legacy tools and applications – many which rely on manual, paper-based processes – with Workforce Central.   *The Total Economic Impact of Kronos Workforce Central Suite, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kronos, September 2011. (Based upon ROI of Kronos customers studied. Individual results may vary.)

  • Video: HR & Payroll Benefits

    Spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting your company's strategic objectives. Automating with the Kronos HR solution gives you one set of records for employee data, which reduces errors, administrative time, and costs.