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 Kronos Time Well Spent Cartoon - 07-18-11

Kronos Time Well Spent Cartoon Series

About Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent is a weekly cartoon series sponsored by Kronos Incorporated that illustrates the humorous aspects of workforce management. The cartoon explores the lighter side of manually processing time and attendance data, scheduling a diverse workforce, managing unplanned absences, and the hundreds of other issues that HR, Finance, Payroll, Operations, and IT professionals face every day.

Kronos invites fans of Time Well Spent to submit cartoon ideas to for consideration.

Time Well Spent is designed by cartoonist Tom Fishburne.

Reuse of Time Well Spent

Permission to reproduce Time Well Spent cartoons is granted on the condition that any cartoon used is reproduced "as is" and that the reuse is not for purposes of resale or direct compensation. Please provide Kronos with a notification and a sample of your planned reuse of the cartoon to